Democracy lost

Democracy and capitalism does not work well when there’s less than 3 viable competition. We need to create law where excessive price increase are not allowed unless there’s fair competition. Broadband have like 98% gross profit margin like MS windows since competitions minimal. Generally things like utility,cable,hospital,drugs, etc. should be regulated.
Democracy in USA was lost when PAC/globalist money feeds both parties. People are conned into Democrat/Republican bandwagon while getting ruled by divide and conquer technique. It is like lite beer, taste great, less filling, but same.
Carter was best president in past 100 years. He was independently wealthy and NOT greedy so did not get too much influence from dirty PAC money. He studied and made his own decision rather than blindly follow the advisers.
Globalist legally steal by grossly high executive compensation and stock option etc.
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Evil greedy people always find a way. Olympic is becoming entitlement for committee members while requiring sponsor city to provide too much unnecessary junk. Bush lied and invaded iraq and globalist owned chinese oil companies got the oil contract at $10/barrel while rich iraq country and USA got poor. Meanwhile PRIVATE Federal Researve Bank profiteered from deficit. World is over populated but religions and globalists are against birth control since it want to expand money base. They collect money from poor and live in luxury.
Now even UN is corrupt. You can buy a vote from non-G7 country with very little money.
UN should eliminate security counsel. It should have something like senate/congress. For example 1 vote for each country 2 vote for 50mil or more 3 vote for 100mil or more 4 vote for 200mil or more.
And for other side, vote proportional to GDP and top 50% must pay proportional to GDP for UN functions with option to pay extra for 50% additional voting rate.
Public school system is sabotaged by “no kids left behind” which realistically function as all kids left behind along with dumb ones. Education, medical expense, excessive suit award also sabotage people.
Millions of humans are placed in concentrated refugee camp etc. as well as starve to death because others don’t want them to migrate and cause standard of living to go down. People are irrational and don’t care about millions dying of starving, but make big deal about animal, environment, health or death of very few.
What really needed is birth control but religion and globalists are against it since it reduced potential money.
Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of all major religions and empire structure. Elite made up stories/lies to unite people. King=kang=khan=Kanger=kagan=kin=kim etc. mutated and spread around the world. Old Jews were Polytheist and believed in few gods. YHWH(war god of moses) sect dominated and decided they are the only one. Jesus is a revival of Asherah sect(mother nature, tree of life, pole, menorah) with cross being asherah pole replacement and mary statue. This is the difference between old testament and kinder gentler replacements. Violent jews/muslim vs slightly gentler christan/shinto.
google “real7777 Globalization” “real7777 sumer”